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Sunflower AI were great at providing on-the-spot, accurate captions that enriched the overall event experience of ON Core.

I am happy to recommend Sunflower AI to anyone in the events space seeking to elevate their accessibility standards.
Laura Jiew, CSIRO
Laura Jiew
Marketing Communications Manager, CSIRO
CSIRO page


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Why Sunflower AI 🌻

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High Accuracy

Our state-of-the-art AI model reaches 95% accuracy.

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Low Latency

Captions appear in real time, with no noticeable delay. Less than 2s.

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Cost Effective

Human-like quality at a fraction of the price.

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Live Translation

Support 32 language live translation

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Aussie Startup

We're based in Sydney Startup Hub on York Street and founded by 3 PhDs educated in Australia.

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Ease of Use

Browser-based solution. No installation required. Seamless integration with broadcast software like OBS and vMix.

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Meet the Team

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Chuhao Liu

Global Talent Visa holder
Early Career Researchers Competition winner

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Siva Kalyan

PhD in Linguistics
Honorary Fellow, UQ/ANU
Fast.ai Hackathon Winner

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Lingzhi Kang

YouTuber with 130,000 Subscribers
PhD in Biology

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Claude Sun

Final-year Computer Science Student

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